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Please allow an hour for the DNS to take effect on the hosting. 

1. Create Email Accounts
If you want to create an email account, log into your client portal then navigate to: Portal Home > Client Area > My Products & Services 
Find the hosting service in the table, click on the row, then scroll down to “Quick Create Email Account”.

2. How To Access Email Account
On the left sidebar you will see “Log in to Webmail” and login with the email/password you just created.  Webmail can also be accessed by typing your web browser your website address and adding at the end "/webmail".  You would then login using the email/password.

3. Webmail
Here you can create email forwards, access your email, adjust spam settings, and instructions on how to add the email to your devices in the (configure mail client) area.  Most devices will add the email with just the username/password but sometimes you need to enter the hostname and adjust the ports.

For iPhones Only: iPhones are tricky on installing business emails.  It might be easier to use the installer attachment.  If you do, you will need to go to the area “Set up email on your device”.

  • 1. Select Device
  • 2. Enter Email (you must already have on your phone)
  • 3. Make sure to only check “Email”, not calendar or contacts.
  • 4. Click Send

This will send an email which will have an attachment.  Click on the attachment, follow the instructions, make sure to say “Yes” to everything and you will only need to enter the password to complete setup.

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